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Health Protection Zone

Temperature and antipyretic supplies:

temperature gun, thermometer, infrared thermometer, handheld thermometer, pediatric antipyretic paste, medical antipyretic paste, family medicine box, etc.

Daily protection and wear:

masks, disposable mask pads, disposable gloves, earplugs, protective cards, protective glasses, protective bags, etc.

Disinfection and cleaning products:

disinfection wipes, disinfection sprays, disinfection pots, disinfection lamps, disinfection cabinets, alcohol cotton, alcohol tablets, wind olein, vanishing oil, band-aid, gauze, disinfectant hand sanitizer, laundry detergent, detergent, vacuum cleaner, sweeping floor Machine, sealed trash bin / garbage bag, microfiber towel, floor mop, etc.

Household purification equipment:

fresh air system, air purification products, air monitoring, air humidification, hand drying equipment, etc.

Healthy sports products:

home fitness equipment, fitness equipment accessories, fitness paths, outdoor sports products, sports experience platforms, sports wear equipment, etc.

Personal protective equipment:

Personal protective equipment for production workers, protective equipment for emergency rescue personnel, occupational health protective equipment, etc.