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Your Business Opportunity - China’s Health Industry Market

Time: 2020-03-09

Strong Government Support

In 2019,China govenment launched the “Healthy China 2019-2030 Plan”, which is a national inittiative taht encourages diet,exercise,and access to healthcare service

Huge Market

USD 1.4 TRillion (2020)+12.55% CAGR (2019-2023)(1)

Increasing Life Expectancy

In 2020,the average national life expectancy is 77.7 years old with increasing demand for health management and health care(2)

Sustainable Growth in Health Consumption

The ratio of health consumption to GDP increased from 20% in 1980 to 52.2% in 2018(3)

Source: (1)   (2) PEOPLE'S DAILY   (3) National Bureau of Statistics of China