The 32nd China (Guangzhou) International Health Industry Expo 2024

14-16 June 2024

China Import and Export Fair Complex

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Why Exhibiting

Your Business Opportunity - China’s Health Industry Market

Exhibition Overview

China (Guangzhou) International Health Industry Expo (IHE China - Inter Health Expo) is an international annual B2B trade show on nutrition, healthy food and health care products held at the China Import and Export Fair Complex. Being the first of its kind in introducing “Interhealth” concept onto a trade show platform in China, IHE China is a significant health industry exhibition in China and an ideal platform for overseas enterprises and high-quality products to enter the China market.
Exhibition Scale

2024 Preview

Exhibition Advantages

Excellentresources andefficient docking

A large-scale professional exhibition in the field of health in the Asia Pacific region, with the centralized appearance of leading brands athome and abroad, is the industry's preferred new product release platform. Relying on the diversified business resources covering channels, end purchasers and professionalservice providers, as well as the full support of domestic and foreign industry associations and organizations, the exhibition creates acomplete business service chain and realizes efficient exchanges and cooperation at all end sof the industry

Focus on hots pots and hit the front

The conference covers hot topics suchas policy interpretation,market inginnovation and market access, covers many subdivided fields and consumption scenarios, and hasface-to-face exchanges and discussions with industry expertsand opinion leaders to meet the needs of merchants to learn knowledge, expand contacts and seek cooperation

Directional invitation, resource integration

IHE China make spersonalized and precise invitations toaudiences of different themes, industries and channels, deeply cultivates the South China sales network,and focuses on invitinghigh-end channels suchas chain pharmacies,e-commerce /cross-border e-commerce,supermarkets,mother and baby stores,health product stores,health food / beverage distributors, agents and direct sales stores all over the country to organize on-site procurement

Internal and external circulation,whole chain coordination

Gather the world's leading health industry brands to open an unprecedented cutting-edge experience for the majority of exhibitors, brands,industry elites and scholars. Accurately grasp the new trend of the industry, closely follow the industry outlet, vigorously develop various products upstream and downstream of the big health industry chain, and create a professional, diversified,one-stop procurement platform driven by foreign trade and domestic sales

Precise promotion and intensive output

IHE China continues toinnovate the contentand form of communication.Throughintensive momentumand high-frequencyreports from more than 100 industry media around the world, Ihe China timely promotes the latest highlights and trends of ihe China, takes multiple measures at the same time,strengthens the international voice,comprehensively disseminates the super strength of ihe China, and continues to expand the global influence of the exhibition

Global high-quality enterprises gathered, leading the health industry trend

Gathering the latest and hottest and most popular products

The following brands have made IHE part of their business success in South China

IHE China is supported by key government and industry associations in and out of China

Featured Product Categories at IHE China

Healthy Food and Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional products, nutritional supplements, nutritional fortified foods,sports nutrition foods, rehabilitation nutrition,health food, maternal and child food, healthy food, bee products, functional food, special medical use formula food,special diet,dietary supplements, vitamin and mineral food, new resources food, healthy raw materials, commissioned production, labeling Branding, etc.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Invigorant

Medicinal and Edible Herbs, Ethnic Medicine, high-end invigorant (Bird's Nest, Ginseng, Lingzhi Mushroom,Donkey-hide Gelatin, Cordyceps, Dendrobium), Health Tea,Health Wine, Bee Products, Nourishing Soups, Health Management for Chronic Diseases, etc.

Probiotics and Intestinal Health

Intestinal Microbiota Testing, Probiotic Strains, Prebiotic Products, Probiotic Products, Probiotic Production Equipment and Packaging Equipment, Probiotic Research Institutions,Enzymes, Functional Fermented Products, Media and New Products, New Processes, New Technologies, etc.

Imported Healthy Food and Health Care Products

Imported Nutritional Supplements, Imported Milk Powder,Imported Health Food, Imported Electronic Consumer Goods,Imported Beauty and Anti-aging Products, Imported Health Products, etc.

Hydrogen Health and Healthy Water

Hydrogen Water, Hydrogen Water Dispenser, Hydrogen Water Bottle,Hydrogen Inhalation Machine, All-in-One Hydrogen Inhalation and Drinking Machine, Pure Hydrogen Generator, Smart Hydrogen Oxygen Machine, Hydrogen Oxygen Mixer Inhaler, Hydrogen Gas Generator, Hydrogen Oxygen Respirator, Hydrogen Beauty Device,Hydrogen Bath and Hydrogen Bathing Machine, Hydrogen Series Products, Packaged Drinking Water Products, Functional Drinking Water and Equipment, and Premium Water Support Services and Health Drinking Water Series.

Health Industry Parks and Bases

Government-led activities in various regions such as the development, planning, showcasing, promotion, and investment attraction of the health industry, industrial parks, and bases.

Medical Equipment

Home medical equipment (including self-care testing devices,blood pressure monitors, electronic thermometers, blood glucose meters, vision improvement equipment, sleep improvement equipment, oral hygiene products, pain massage equipment, fat measurement devices, home medicine cabinets, etc.), smart healthcare, in vitro diagnostics,health electronic consumer products, rehabilitation therapy equipment, water purification, air purification and disinfection products, etc.

Maternal and Child Health

Postpartum Rehabilitation Equipment and Supplies, National Maternal and Child Services and Franchise, Maternal and Child Care and Infant Products, Pregnancy and Postpartum Testing Products, Nutritional and Health Food, Reproductive Health, Technology Service Providers

Smart Elderly Care

Wearable Health Devices, Telecare, Vital Signs Monitoring Devices, Smart Home, Elderly Care Facility Management Systems, Information Management Systems, Home Care Services, Elderly Travel, Elderly Financial Services, etc.

Cross border Healthcare & Medical Travel

International specialized hospitals in Oncology, Cardiology, Neurology,Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, etc. International hospitals offering treatments such as Stem Cell Therapy, Anti-aging, Genetic Testing.International hospitals specializing in services like IVF (In Vitro Fertilization),Assisted Reproduction. International medical institutions providing services such as Precision Health Check-ups, HPV Vaccination, Medical Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery. International institutions focusing on Wellness Therapy,Wellness Tourism. Cross-border Telemedicine, Teleconsultation, Mobile Healthcare, and Smart Healthcare.

Beauty and Wellness

Hydrogen Products, Enzyme Weight Loss Products, Anti-aging Products, Beauty Oral Liquids, Functional Beauty Products,Cosmeceuticals, Breast Enhancement and Body Care Products,Slimming and Body Sculpting Products, Spot and Acne Removal Products, Sunscreen and Detoxification Products, Health and Wellness Products, Vision Care Products, Massage Products,Fumigation Products, Moxibustion Products, Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapy Products, etc.

Packaging and Production Equipment

Traditional Chinese Medicine Production Equipment, Traditional Chinese Medicine Packaging, Health Product Packaging,Packaging Materials, Pharmaceutical Packaging Boxes, Packaging Bottles, Packaging Printing Labels, etc.

Nearly 80% of buyers are purchasing decision-makers, making your business dealings faster and easier.

VIP Buyers from Major Industry Organizations

  • Guangdong Health Care Association
  • Zhuhai Health Care Association
  • Jieyang Health Industry Association
  • Maternal and Child Service Industry Branch of Guangdong Health
  • Care Association
  • GuangDong Food Circulate Association
  • purchasing group of GZ TV program “chef meet good foodstuff”
  • China Hotel Association Procurement Committee
  • Guangdong Overseas Chinese Returnees Association
  • Guangdong Health Association
  • Shenzhen Organic Product Association
  • Shenzhen Medicine Profession Association
  • Zhuhai Association Of Health-Protection Food
  • Guangdong Chain Operations Association
  • Guangzhou Food Enterprise Association
  • Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Profession Association
  • Dongguan Ethnic Medical Association
  • Global Union
  • Importfood.Net
  • Hong Kong International Chinese
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Foshan Shunde Medical and Health Care
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Guangzhou medical Industry Association

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Strategic Partnership Media
  • Guangdong Elderly Health Commission
  • Guangdong Province Hospital
  • Association
  • The Surgical Instrument Manufacturers
  • Association of Pakistan (SIMAP)
  • Foshan Beauty Industry Association
  • Guangdong-Hongkong-Macao Greater
  • Bay Area Beauty Industry Promotion
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