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China’s Aquaculture Industry

Time: 2017-07-28
The People’s Republic of China accounts for one-third of the world’s fish production, and two-thirds of the world’s aquaculture production. Their principle producing regions are close to their urban markets in Yangtze valley and the Zhu Jiang delta. With a coastline extending 14,500 km with a broad continental shelf, China has excellent coastal fisheries.  Since 2002, China has been the world leader in exportation of fish and fish products. Global consumption, per capita, of fish has been estimated at approximately 16.5 kg, with Chinese consumption at 25.8kg per person. Over the years, China’s fishing industry has evolved from inshore fishing to offshore fishing, posing many challenges as well as opportunities in this nation.
The development of China’s Aquaculture industry has created many job opportunities for both men and women. Since 2003, there has been more than 5 million people working full time in this sector. Most of China’s aquaculture farms are privately or collectively owned, however, there are still a few small-scale and family-based fish farms that still operate today. 
There are approximately 50 different commercially important fish species cultured in China today. The most common of these species includes: carp, Chinese bream, and blunt-snout bream. The approximate share of cultured species of freshwater aquaculture production is as follows:



Silver carp and bighead carp


Grass carp


Common carp


Crucian carp