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Argentina: Pear exports to the Brazilian market drop

Time: 2013-07-22
Argentine exports of pears to the Brazilian market amounted, through week 7 of this year, to 11,715 tons. The figure reflects a fall of around 37% over the same period last year and 30% when associated with sales to this destination in January 2011.
As detailed by a recent study prepared by Argentina"s Chamber of Integrated Fruit Growers (CAFI), pear sales to the Brazilian market represent, in this first part of the year, 19% of total exports. Last season this indicator stood at 28%.
It is clear that pear sales to Brazil are undergoing a fall, both in absolute and relative ways. This can be due to one of two reasons or both:
? Pears prices are showing a strong recovery in overseas markets; hence, entrepreneurs could be redirecting their fresh offer to these destinations to take advantage of the pear"s "first fruit" high prices.
? Prices in Brazil are relatively stable and that is why, seeking to maximize profits, trade is being diverted overseas.
Data provided in reports coming from the Europe show that average prices of pears in week 7 are 20% above the prices reflected in the same period last year.
In regard to regional apple shipments to Brazil, the statistics presented by CAFI show that exports, up to week 7 of this year, amounted to 2,000 tonnes, an amount that is similar to last season"s and 60% lower than the same period in 2011.
Mercosur"s main partner"s share in total apple exports reflects a significant trend. This year only 16% of the total of apple shipments abroad had as final destination the Brazilian market. Last year this indicator stood at 23%, while in 2011 it was 29%.